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exteriorStony Knoll Vineyards are lifted high on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains against a Carolina sun that creates a bouquet of aromatic wonders and pleasures. The development of a "delivering terroir" began on this "North Carolina Century Farm" in 1896 when the ancestors of Kathy Coe bought a tract of land in southern Surry County. In the early 1940s the vineyard area was cleared with hand tools and domesticated animals and put into cultivation.
The farm has belonged to Kathy's family since 1896. The farm's owners from 1896 to present: Joseph D. & Lazerna Coe, 1896 - 1911; M. Gene & Emmie Coe, 1911 - 1919; Hiram R. & Martha Coe, 1911 - 1943; Grady & Lela Coe, 1943 - 1960; Archie & Dorothy McCormick, 1960 - 1987; Van & Kathy Coe, 1987 - Present.

Tobacco production was the staple cash crop for many years. The importance of this staple crop caused the Coe lineage to care for the land at the utmost level. Hard work during sun drenched days and winter chilled climates prevailed in a terroir creation which has enabled this vineyard to produce fine quality wine grapes.

tasting roomStony Knoll Vineyard's first harvest took place in the fall of 2002. You may purchase our wines from this website, local vendors, restaurants and at our winery. Private tastings are also offered by appointment and the facility can be reserved for special events. For a private tasting or reservation of the events room, please call us at (336) 374-5752.

The historic town of Rockford is located four miles south of our Vineyard and Winery, next to the Yadkin River. You can see many historic landmarks and tour the Rockford General Store which is still in operation today. Stay overnight in our intimate "Wine Lodge" or you can also relax and enjoy an evening in the historic town of Rockford while staying at the Rockford Bed and Breakfast.

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Stony Knoll Vineyards • (336) 374-5752 • 1143 Stony Knoll Road, Dobson, NC 27017